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Supporting the Sorority’s Five-Programmatic Thrust and Commissions over the past sixty-four years, and through the leadership of twenty Chapter presidents, Baton Rouge Sigma has significantly impacted the citizens of the Baton Rouge and Louisiana communities by addressing general and specific needs providing scholarships and merit awards to graduating high school seniors, conducting voter registration drives, economic development workshops, mental health seminars, international awareness events, supported the local food bank, Senior Citizen Brunch and Health Fairs, adopt-a-family support, to name a few.


The Chapter has also recognized artists locally and throughout Louisiana with the Delta Pearl Award, held Jabberwock productions, sponsored Lena Horne in concert, conducted Crimson and Cream Capers, conducted the popular Ladies on the Bluff event, hosted the renowned Dallas Black Dance Theatre, along with the Master Class Dance Workshop, and numerous other events. 
Through our decades of dedicated service to Baton Rouge and surrounding communities (and beyond), performed by hundreds of committed and energetic Chapter Sorors, Baton Rouge Sigma has positively impacted the area in numerous ways. Notably, in August 2005 following the catastrophic devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Chapter and the Sorors opened their hearts, doors, and pocketbooks to those devastatingly impacted by the flood. The American Red Cross also used the Center for some of its operations.

In recognizing the need to have a dedicated space for meetings and other events and activities, planning for the construction of a building began. In 1997, the members of Baton Rouge Sigma held a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the construction of the Baton Rouge Sigma Life Development Center. Fourteen months later, the half-million-dollar facility was completed and ready for occupancy. Eleven years later, in March 2008, the mortgage on the Life Development Center was paid in full. 

Baton Rouge Sigma Alumnae Chapter continues to carry the Delta Torch with renewed energy and commitment to meet the many 21st century needs of the community, city, state, and region, with programming to advance the political, education, social and economic conditions. It is the perpetual objective of the Chapter leadership and membership to continue to consistently further its goals, providing programming to improve these conditions, moving towards social activism and greater public service. And, with the proliferation and usage of technology and social media, Baton Rouge Sigma Alumnae Chapter has the capability of reaching additional citizens, providing access to those who would​ otherwise, be deprived of the programs and services of the Chapter.


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